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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 22, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's friday, may 22nd, coming up on "early today," breaking news in the d.c. quadruple murder suspect. the key suspect is captured and in police custody. late breaking details straight ahead. josh duggar, the oldest of the 19 children apologizes after molestation charges. taken down in the line of duty hours before she was to begin maternity leave. a female cop'sragic story. hundreds are now involved in helping clean up california's oil-soaked beaches. million hitting the road and making plans on this memorial day weekend when we honor america's bravest. "early today" starts right now. good morning on this friday.
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thanks for joining us today. breaking news overnight, the massive manhunt is over. d.c. police have their man. they were looking for darren dillon wint, suspected of holding an affluent couple, their young son and a housekeeper hostage before killing all four and leaving their bodies in the family's burning mansion last week. right now he is in custody, charged with first degree murder while armed. law enforce. sources originally said they thought he had taken a bus to new york city. his girlfriend in brooklyn was questioned by police, but just after 11:00 last night, they nabbed him at a traffic stop back in d.c. in a white chevy cruz. the day started with a big break in the case right out of csi. dna found on a pizza crust from a recently delivered domino's pizza at the scene of the crime. that identification helped investigators start putting the pieces together including the connection between the suspected and one of the victims, savvas savopoulos. nbc news' peter alexander fills in the details. >> reporter: savvas savopoulos
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was ceo of american iron works, a steel manufacturing company where police say wint once worked. the murder suspect has a criminal record. in 2010 wint was arrested outside american iron works carrying a two-foot-long machete. weapons charges were dropped after he pled guilty to an open container of alcohol. >> do you believe there were multiple suspects involved or he was acting alone? >> we have not ruled out there were others involved. >> reporter: the terrifying ordeal began last wednesday, savopoulos, his wife amy, their son and a housekeeper held captive inside. a clerk at this nearby domino's say they delivered pizza to the mansion that night unaware that four hostages were there bound and threatened, according to sources close to the investigation. the next morning savopoulos' assistant delivered a package with $40,000 cash to the home. police believe the victims were killed hours later, the house set on fire. >> use caution. this is a crime scene. >> reporter: sources say the fire was set on the second floor in 10-year-old philip's bedroom, the adults found nearby beaten and stabbed. police say this surveillance
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video shows wint running away near the porsche's torched. next to evacuations in texas this morning, this is what it looked like in rain-soaked wichita falls, rising water forcing people to evacuate. the area has been declared a disaster. the river there expected to crest today, but more rain is in the forecast. to eight inches of rain this weekend. we're also learning more about a fatal officer-involved shootout in omaha, nebraska. newly revealed radio shows officers were desperately trying to save the life of officer kerrie orozco. >> 30-57, right now! >> she was shot in the chest just above her bulletproof vest. it happened on her last shift before she was to go on maternity leave to take care of her daughter born prematurely. as many as 20 officers accompanied orozco to the hospital, but a trauma team was
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unable to save her. a vigil took place for her last night. family, friends and community members came out to pay respects. her service went above and beyond the police department. officer orozco volunteered with the girl scouts, the special olympics and the boys and girls club of north omaha. >> she gave her life serving and doing what she enjoyed, trying to make a difference. >> officer orozco's funeral is set for tuesday. to shocking allegations involving the oldest child of the duggars, the large christian family featured in the reality tv show "19 kids and counting," "in touch weekly" published a 2006 police report accusing him of molesting underage girls as a teenager. hours after it surfaced, the 29-year-old resigned from his position at the family research council. he said, quote, 12 years ago as a young teenager i acted inexcusably for which i am extremely sorry and deeply regret.
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i hurt others including my family and close friends. he went on to say i would do anything to go back to those teen years and take different actions. duggar's parents, jim bob and michelle said, quote, back 12 years ago our family went through one of the most difficult times of our lives. when josh was a young teenager, he made some very bad mistakes and we were shocked. we had tried to teach him right from wrong. no charges were ever brought and the statute of limitations has since run out. a judge has reportedly ordered the investigation documents be destroyed at the request of one of the alleged victims. there may be huge changes on the horizon for the boy scouts. according. boy scout president robert. gates -- he's the former secretary of defense and cia director -- the organization's ban on openly gay leaders cannot be sustained. at their annual meeting he urged changing the policy to avoid potential legal battles and bad publicity. he pointed society's growing number of state laws involving gay marriage. in 2013 the boy scouts started allowing openly gay youth to
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join, but continued to prohibit openly gay scout leaders. now to california and the oil disaster on the move. 17 boats working on the spill have now recovered over 9,000 gallons of oil. as for wildlife, rescuers hope to save six oiled pelicans. two state beaches are closed and there are more than 300 people cleaning up beaches and boats. >> we will do everything necessary to protect california's coastline. as for the company that owns the pipeline that burst on tuesday, plains all american, federal records show 175 safety incidents since 2006. they caused nearly $24 million in property damage. also this morning, millions of americans are hitting the road for the memorial day weekend, but many of the highways and bridges they'll be crossing are in need of major repairs. nbc's tracie potts has the story this morning in washington. good morning, tracie. >> hi betty.
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>> you can see why some of them are in need of dire repair. >> the holes in the end of st. beam. >> reporter: gary shows us what happens when 45,000 cars a day drive over a bridge for 30 years. >> water and saltwater pass through that joint on a regular basis. that causes the corrosion of the steel beam. >> the federal highway administration considers one in nine bridges across the u.s. are structurally deficient, meaning it needs significant repairs or maintenance like this one. the i-35 bridge that collapsed in minneapolis in 2007, with highway funds depleted, congress is considering another short-term fix. former transportation secretary ray lahood calls that a joke.
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>> if you raise the gas tax ten cents a gallon, which is what i'm recommending, you raise $1 billion a law. >> some think that doesn't make senses with more fuel efficient cars. >> they have almost a million cars a year going to alternative fuels where some fuels are paying nothing. >> reporter: one group is proposing a short-term gas tax increase. >> it amounts to a little less than $3.00 a year per person, the average driver and it gives us until 2016 to come up with a long-term solution. >> reporter: engineers say that solution will cost $76 billion, and that's just to fix the bridges that need to be repaired or replaced now. >> reporter: we're waiting the see if the accept nate will approve that. >> something to think about and thank you have a nice weekend.
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david letterman's farewell appearance on "the late show" was truly epic. a whopping 14 million viewers tuned in, the most in the show's history. conan o'brien tweeted it's absolutely absurd to thank david letterman for all he's done in a tweet, but that's the world we live in now. #thanksdave. hours later crews began dismantling the set. props like the brooklyn bridge replica were seen being hauled away. now, to the weather. >> and he would play with the pants. >> how much money if they auctioned off it off the set. >> it's not in the garage for long. >> okay. what is happening today. i feel for our friends in oklahoma and texas. no one wants to see anyone e vac waited. that's what is going happen. it's in areas like wichita falls and look at this.
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more rain in the soaked area. we're going to break all-time monthly rainfall in the next couple of dies. dallas is under the flood watch too. it looks like it's going continue through the holiday weekend here and locally up to seven inches of rain. that's some areas that much seen a foot of rain. now, a lot of the rivers are cresting over the holiday weekend. those are worried about the position and property and not t what they're going do for the weekend or parades. today's forecast is showers and thunderstorms. seattle is looking nice and san francisco still a little bit cool. in the west we remavalley.
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redding at 81. >> i will have the complete forecast coming up. >> this year is passing by. >> before you know it i will be buying you christmas gifts.
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attorneys office three weeks ago. in the war on terror, isis controls 50% of syria after the takeover of palmyra. that is according to the syrian observatory on human rights. this is video from isis, an affiliated media unit with it, showing isis fighters in east palmyra. syrian state tv says all pro-goverment forces have withdrawn from that area. in "the new york times," this time senate votes to advance trade pact. the move rescues president obama's ambitious trade agenda, empowering the president to complete a sweeping 12-nation pacific accord. >> i want to thank the bipartisan senators who took a big step forward. it's good for u.s. businesses, but most importantly good for american workers.
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>> all right. so the list, it is out. the top five u.s. beaches for 2015, according to dr. beach. at number five, cape hatteras outer banks in north carolina, number four hamoa beach, number three, st. george state park in florida. number two, barefoot beach preserve county park in bonita springs, and at number one, waimanalo beach park in oahu. just ahead, did he cheat? major league baseball is trying to figure out what happened last night. plus high flying highlights from the warriors. but the beard was balling for the rockets. find out which team is one game closer to the nba finals. sports is next. can be used as an engagement ring. 'cause nothing says lovin' like bacon and cheese. ain't that right ladies? what's up?
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this morning on "today," does $30 for a hot dog and soda sound like a lot to you? rossen reports is under cover where some new york city vendors are accused of price gouging. now to sports, look who is here on a friday. chicago goes over and they do not look back. now a 2-1 lead. houston 16 point deficit and it's up to the runner up.
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>> hard p the rebound. seven seconds remaining. harden throws it up and back to harden. one tied up. >> it went 98 for a two game lead. >> the top voter and the only picks rounded out with james harden and davis and gasoi. will smith was ejected from last night's game. an umpire noticed that. it's a substance. it was a mixture of sunscreen that he forgot to whip off. it was night time.
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we're going start to warm it up in areas like phoenix. sunday is 88 in phoenix. by the time we get to monday 71 in la and memo cereal day fore dast is close sir average. the west is after so many above average. we may actually be one of the cooler ones in years. okay. so reason to see some movies. the weekend is a big box office of the year. and "tomorrowland" starring george clooney is expected to debut on top with upwards of $45 million in ticket sales through monday. the "poltergeist" remake is expected to debut in the number two spot with $30 million. both films have about a 50% rating on rotten tomatoes. ♪ ♪ >> taylor swift's "bad blood" video delivered 20 million views in the first 24 hours setting a new vevo record. if you are a harry potter fan, you may remember the dorky
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neville longbottom played by matthew lewis. well, he has blossomed my friends. that's him, and he's not shy about showing some skin in "attitude" magazine. >> that's what hogswart will do for you. >> exactly. harry potter author j.k. rowling tweeted this, not as bad as watching dan in equus, but close. warn me next time, for god's sake. of course she's referring to daniel radcliff's naked performance on broadway. last night nbc pulled out all the stops red nose day to raise money for children in poverty. one video that aired revealed a secret of one of hollywood's biggest stars. >> they revoice me in every movie i do which makes me absolutely furious. what is going on? >> you're erratic, you say any [ bleep ] thing that comes into your head. you make this personal, and it's not. >> not personal? that's my work, my sweat, my time away from my kids. if that's not personal, i don't know what is. we hope it's your first stop of the day on nbc.
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leading the news on, domestic violence charges against ray race charges dismissed. last year he was captured on camera knocking out his then fiancee on an elevator. rice has been reinstated to the nfl but has yet to sign with a team. from the "huffington post," aussie sheep station under fire for cursing at animals. yes, a sheep ranch is facing accusations of animal abuse from peta because workers were heard using foul language around the animals.
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check this out. dramatic surveillance video shows thieves pepper-spraying a family. they drive off with almost two suitcases in. police are still searching for the suspects. david rockefeller, the oldest living billionaire in the world is giving 1,000 acres of land to the state of maine, doing this in celebration of his 100th birthday on june 12th. he's grandson of oil mogul john d. rockefeller. this little boy's story will warm your heart.
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warner brothers has released a new trailer, a story of miles scott, a child diagnosed with cancer. his dream of becoming a superhero came true with a little help from an entire ziti and the make-a-wish foundation which managed to turn san francisco into gotham city and miles into bat kid. we are happy to report that miles's cancer is currently in remission. vice president biden will head for a graduation. they will toss the hats into the air. more than 1,000 will transition to officers. here they go.
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boom. also want to say happy birthday to olympic gold medal speed skater apollo ohno who turns 33, super model naomi campbell is 45 and british singer morrissey of the smiths turns 56.
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new at the bhaay residents waking up to shaken nerves but hopefully not more. plus he reportedly confessed to taking a child live just to know what it feels like to kill. and now a discovery bay man goes to court. what went wrong. details will emerge about a shocking fedex crash that claimed the lives of half a dozen college hopefuls. live look outside this morning on the eve of your memorial day weekend. it is friday may 22nd. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay."


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